Number of View: 666

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. Proverbs 25:11 ESV



Read Psalm 63:1-5

An Apple of Gold: Psalm 149:4  For the Lord delights in his people. NLT

I’m a grandma, which probably means I’m old enough to let my hair go gray. For the time being, however, I’m choosing to live life as a brunette. And so it happened that, early one morning a few years back, I looked in the mirror and decided I needed to touch up my roots. My grandkids, Connor, who was three years old at the time, and Bailey, who was one, had spent the night at my house, and were still tucked snuggly in bed. They had been up past bedtime the night before, so I felt sure they would sleep long enough for me to cover my gray. About the time I got the dye on, however, I heard the pitter patter of little feet and soon two sweet faces looked up at me. They didn’t seem to notice my attire which consisted of a stained bathrobe and an equally stained shower cap. All they had on their minds was the swing set my husband had recently given me for our anniversary. (I’m pretty sure that’s the traditional gift for the twenty-ninth year.)

I told the kids we could go outside but that we couldn’t stay long because I would need to rinse my hair soon. They didn’t hear the second part of that sentence because they were already heading for the door.

We played for a little while and then, scooping Bailey from the sandbox, I said, “Connor, it’s time to go in. I have to rinse my hair.”

He just kept on playing so I tried again. “Connor, if we don’t go in, my hair might fall out.”

“Watch this,” he said and proceeded to do a trick on the swing.

I realized at that moment that Connor did not care if I had gray hair, brown hair, or no hair. He just wanted me to play with him.

So I did the only logical thing. I got the garden hose, rinsed my hair, and kept on playing- but not before my husband took a picture immortalizing the day.

hair coloring picture

As ridiculous as I looked that morning, I’m glad he recorded it because it reminds me of the fun we had. Eventually, of course, we had to go in and take care of a few pesky little necessities such as getting dressed and brushing teeth, but starting our day off playing together made the mundane things seem much more fun.

Remembering that morning also helps me remember something about my relationship with my Heavenly Father. He delights in me and each day He invites me to spend time with Him. I don’t need to worry about trying to cover up the things I’d like to change about myself. He’s not at all concerned with my image. He has things for me to do, but I can only do them joyfully after I’ve spent time with Him. And, if I ever find I’m having trouble fitting that time into my day, I need to pray and look around. He will always provide a garden hose.


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