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Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.   1 Thessalonians 5:18  NIV

  1. I’m thankful that I don’t have to have an opinion about everything.
  2. I’m thankful that I’ve learned to listen to my husband more because he’s usually right.
  3. I’m thankful that my husband has learned to listen to me more because I’m sometimes right.
  4. I’m thankful that sometimes my husband doesn’t listen to me even when I’m right because I’d hate for him to be perfect.
  5. I’m thankful for the life God gave me.
  6. I’m thankful that I’m fifty-two years old because that means there’s an excellent chance I’m over halfway to heaven.
  7. I’m thankful for the dog I never knew I wanted.
  8. I’m thankful, since Mastiffs are puppies for three years, that Emma is two. She’s past being a toddler and not yet a teenager.
  9. I’m thankful for my truck. I’ve had it for ten years, and I hope to drive it for many more in spite of my husband’s belief that it’s time to trade it in. (I’m praying for # 3 concerning this.)
  10. I’m thankful for my family who loves me even though I don’t always remember #1.
  11. I’m thankful for freedom and for the men and women who have fought to preserve it.
  12. I’m thankful, as our country goes to the polls, that God is sovereign.
  13. I’m thankful that there is no law against love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23
  14. I’m thankful for cold mornings but only because of 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
  15. I’m thankful for my children and grandchildren who pull me out of my comfort zone and into this decade and show me that change can be a good thing.
  16. I’m thankful for my mother, whose kindness never changes.
  17. I’m thankful for my mother-in-law, whose generosity has passed down to her children and grandchildren.
  18. I’m thankful for my family who pretends I’m normal, and even helps me, when a children’s book I feel inspired to create involves doing things like putting mud on our dog’s paws and then encouraging her to walk through our front door.
  19. I’m thankful for every handmade ornament we will soon be putting on our Christmas tree.
  20. I’m equally thankful for each of my children and I hope they believe me even though every year they each claim to have the least number of handmade ornaments on our Christmas tree.
  21. I’m thankful for fresh vegetables from our fall garden- especially beets.
  22. I’m thankful for second chances since I thought the first round of beets my husband planted were weeds and pulled them up.
  23. I’m thankful for third and fourth chances because sometimes I need at least that many.
  24. I’m thankful for our little butterball named Crosby who came in time for Thanksgiving this year, and two little turkeys named Connor and Bailey who will soon be teaching him all sorts of mischief.
  25. I’m thankful for my son-in-law who loves to FaceTime with me.
  26. I’m thankful for my sisters and the memory of our Daddy asking us at the supper table who turned over our giggle boxes.
  27. I’m thankful for friends who inspire me to try to be a better friend.
  28. I’m thankful for cold water and hot coffee.
  29. I’m thankful for neighbors who are always happy to give me a cup of sugar, an antique glider, or flowers from their garden (and seeds so I can grow my own), cut our grass when our lawn mower breaks, help look for our dogs when they go missing, and never make fun of me no matter how many times I lock myself out of my house and have to go get their key. (Well, some unnamed people might make fun of me about that.)
  30. I’m thankful for the precious young woman who designed a website for me last November so I would have somewhere to post my writing.


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17  NIV


2 thoughts on “30 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. I’m thankful for my sisters and for this list that reminds and inspires me to be thankful.

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