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Oh, back-to-school time. Tis the season for planning. And don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Except sometimes they don’t, as in the following story my dad used to tell about his school days. He included it in a book of memories he wrote for our family.

Once when I was in high school, a few of us decided we would go fishing on April Fool’s Day. I don’t know how many, four, five or six. Anyway, while we were fishing, the biology class came by on a field trip. We left running, but not soon enough. We were recognized and had to stay after school each afternoon until we had made up every class we missed. I wrote a poem that I still remember. It was published in the school paper. It was several verses long, but I remember only the first one.

            We went fishing on April Fool’s Day.

        Soon we found we could not stay.

        Mr. Riddick was hot on our track.

                              We threw down our poles and balled the jack.


Wherever you are today, I hope this little story made you smile. I’m thinking especially about any tired mamas who could probably use a chuckle as they busily plan for a new school year. If that describes you, take a moment to rejoice in this bit of good news— there is an excellent chance that you won’t get a call from the principal in the coming year saying your child has to stay after school because he skipped class to go fishing.

There is also an excellent chance, however, that something else will happen which will cause your plan, not unlike my dad’s fishing excursion, to suddenly go not quite as perfectly as you had hoped. I speak from experience. And though we may not end up running from the biology teacher (although that would be an interesting story) we probably will end up running just trying to keep up with life.

When it feels like our to-do list is hot on our track and our plan ends up being abandoned like my dad’s fishing pole, it’s tempting to allow negative emotions to take control. But what if, instead, we responded by doing something silly like making up a poem? What if we looked for the funny side of our story and wrote it down? What if future generations read it one day and it lightened their load? It could happen, you know. I hope it just did.

dad and carol fishing

My dad with my sister enjoying a more successful day of fishing






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