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rainbow at Victoria Falls

When the bow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature…  Genesis 9:16

Last night we were having dinner with some friends when someone’s phone began playing a sweet tune. “Oh, that’s mine,” said one of the ladies. “My grandson set that alert to go off at this time every day to remind me to think of him.”

I, too, have a grandson who regularly prompts me to think of him. He’s ten. He hasn’t scheduled a phone alert but my phone did turn my thoughts toward him recently when I noticed he’d sent several goofy text messages which people thought had come from me. He also gives gifts that keep him on my mind. Just yesterday, for example, I was the recipient of a fart-scented candle. And he’s even left evidence of his prankster presence in our downstairs bathroom where he replaced our regular toilet paper holder with one that features the voice of Donald Trump proclaiming that he’s not wearing a toupee.

God’s Word has lots to say about reminders. The longest psalm, Psalm 119, is a beautiful expression of the importance of remembering. Over and over, throughout the scripture, the psalmist promises not to forget God’s law. He even wrote the psalm in a way that would aid memorization by beginning each section alphabetically according to the Hebrew alphabet.

I believe God regularly speaks into our lives that same way. He teaches and reminds us of deep, eternal truth in practical, everyday ways to help us remember. Some reminders, like the song of the birds each morning, occur regularly as sweet alerts to His presence. Others, like a baby’s first laugh, catch us delightfully by surprise. Still others arrive disguised as problems, reminding us of our need for Him. And maybe it’s to balance those painful times that God sometimes sends another sort of reminder. The kind that warm our hearts as they sneak, snickering, into our lives through the unpredictable antics of ten-year-old boys.


5 Practical Memory

Aids to Try 

  1. Download Fighter Verses. This app is packed with tools to help you memorize scripture.
  2. Associate a task you do regularly with a particular prayer concern and pray accordingly each time you perform that task. For years I’ve named the ferns on my front porch after family members and I pray for each person as I water the plants.
  3. Use Bible verse flashcards . My granddaughter gave me a set of these cards for Mother’s Day and we’re learning the verses together.

    Soon you’ll also be able to find alphabetical scripture flashcards right here. For the young and young at heart, I’m creating some printable cards with space to design your own border. I should have the first one up in a day or two. They include a few questions for kids. Just print, cut or fold, and color. I’d love to see the creativity they inspire so please post pictures of  embellished cards on the Welcome Lord Facebook page .

  1. Write verses on Aqua Notes and review them in the shower. This link is to the love note version which is very appropriate since the Bible is God’s love letter to us.
  1. This one may seem obvious, but it’s sometimes overlooked. Pray for God to help you remember His Truth, then watch for the reminders He puts in your life.
I would love to learn other suggestions for building reminders into our days.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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