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A while back, in a post called Walking, I wrote about my childhood friend, Jan. I'm happy to introduce her today as a guest blogger. This sweet story is sure to encourage many. Enjoy!

Have you ever known someone who just seems to always be a “hot mess”?  Or maybe, like me, this phrase resonates because you sometimes- or often- feel like a hot mess! Sometimes it just seems that I cannot get myself- my home, my family, my car, etc.- organized.  I often feel like I am just zooming around, forgetting things, losing things- you get the picture.   And, unfortunately for her, I have a granddaughter who has some very similar traits!  I appreciate that her parents are trying to teach her responsibility, the importance of keeping up with her personal things- all of those wonderful attributes- but sometimes the little girl deep inside me desperately wants to tell her that it will be ok- in time she will learn to be more responsible, and in time she will become a better listener, because she’s just a work in progress, like all of us!  And sometimes I think I want to start a movement- something like “Hot Messes Unite!”  We could hold weekly meetings where we could show up in our pajamas, with no make up and just be messy!  But because we are hot messes we would forget when and where to meet, we would always be late, etc- you get the picture!  I sometimes wonder what the message is that God has for all of us hot messes, and I wonder what He would say to us, if we had the opportunity to have a face to face meeting- I wonder if it would go something like this:

A little girl hurries up the steps to the big room, where she knows she has an important appointment.  About the time she enters the room, she realizes that she is late, so she begins to run.  About halfway across the room, she realizes that she really shouldn’t be running, she should no doubt be much more ladylike and refined, so she tries to stop running, but her stockinged feet begin to slide on the highly polished wood floor, and she literally slides to a stop just inches from Him- the One.  She stares down at her feet, a lump in her throat, tears gathering in her eyes, and notices her big toe poking out of her sock!  How could she have not noticed this before?!  She is so ashamed at her lack of preparedness and her tardiness, and now all she can see is her big ugly toe staring back at her as if to say, “You really are a mess!  You’ll never be anything but a day late and a dollar short!  Here you are and you couldn’t even get up, get ready, and be prepared for this important meeting!  And what about that hair? It is a curly, tangled mess!  He probably doesn’t even want you here!”  She slowly lifts her face to His, ashamed to look at Him, but-where she expects to see reproach, she sees only kindness.  She begins to stammer, “…I know I’m late.  And I don’t have my shoes on because, well, I couldn’t find them.  And I know this is an important meeting, and I should have brought a notebook, so I could write down important things that you want me to do, but, well…”  Then she begins to look through a scruffy purse and finds a scrap of paper and, finally, a pencil, but then realizes the point is broken.  So she looks up again, this time expecting that He will surely tell her that her time is up- that there are others who He can call on to meet with Him- others who will be on time, who will have their shoes on, and their hair will be brushed and shiny, their purses will be organized and they will have a new notebook and trimmed pencil in hand (they’ll even have two spare, sharpened pencils in their purse!)- and they won’t come sliding up with a toe sticking out!  She looks up expecting all of this and more- but again sees only love staring back at her.  He even smiles!  He smiles with a smile that lights up the entire room!  He begins to tell her why it is that He wants to meet with her.  He tells her of His friends Mary and Martha, and how easy it is to become like Martha- running and running- but how important it is to remember to do what Mary did- to sit at His feet.  Because His message is one of love- it’s one that tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden light!  You see, He tells her, He’s not looking for performers, He’s looking for willing hearts.  He’s waiting for her to bring to Him her hot messes- her tardiness, her messiness, her hurts, and her failures- because He’s big enough, and He longs to take those hot messes and use them for something good!  He tells her that it’s ok that she doesn’t have a notebook handy- that if she will just sit with Him and allow Him into her heart, He will write His words there.  And she begins to realize that she is having an encounter with Jesus, Her strength, her Redeemer, and the One who died that she might have abundant life!  And as she heads out to face her hot messes with a fresh look in her eyes, and His light in her heart, He gently reminds her- “Oh, and that messy, curly hair?  I gave it to you.”

For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Psalm 139:13

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